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"Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique."
- Elisabeth Taylor


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The Designer

Fanny Blanchelande

Born and raised in Monte-Carlo, Fanny Blanchelande's eye for luxurious detail combines with a colorful and lively spirit of creativity coming from her South American side of the family.
Her work is driven by her passion for traveling, her fascination with the energy of the sun and her belief that one can be bold and colorful yet strongly anchored to a classical culture or education.

“My goal is for my customers to feel strength, power and happiness when they wear their jewelry “


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The Brand

"Give a girl the right jewelry and she can conquer the world."

After 25 years of exclusively bespoke works, where discretion and privacy rule, Fanny Blanchelande decides to launch her first public collections keeping her standards, suppliers and manufacturers to the extremely highest level, and offers a fun and creative touch to the Haute Joaillierie world.

Having exhibited her jewelry in her own private events around the world since 1998, the brand is now setting sail for retail, while continuing her one to one unique pieces, Fanny Blanchelande's  jewelry is represented in selected shops around the world and online.


Upcycle your jewelry

Upcycling your jewelry is the ultimate solution to never wear boring jewelry.

There can be nothing worse than accumulating jewelry that is not used.

They probably all have a reason to exist in your collection, they represent that one event of your life, those defining years, that present for a special occasion, that memory, that legacy.

Upcycling your jewelry will refresh all that into a new creation that fits your life now.

How does it work?

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