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Copacabana Collection

The Copacabana collection is a very personal interpretation of the designer’s upbringing.
Those famous cotton bracelets she used to knit like a testimony of her mother’s brazilian family’s education, are now turned into an extremely precious version , reflecting her monegasque father’s side of life in Monaco.

These friendship bracelets can be worn alone, or stacked.

The unique craftsmanship of these bracelets make them a fun and exclusive piece of jewelry.
And for an innovative experience, you will be able to scan the qr code inside your bracelet and be connected to rare and special content, including the creation of the collection, an update of the new collections, the designer’s favorite bossa-nova playlist and more.

For an even more personalised experience, we can create exclusive content for you that will be included in your bracelet and represents your unique special occasion.

Joias Modelo Fanny 01637.jpg


Joias Modelo Fanny 01527.jpg


Joias Modelo Fanny 01615 1.jpg


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