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'Les Racines du Soleil' Collection

Is a tribute to the country of the rising sun. 

Japan is very present in Fanny Blanchelande’s personal and professional life, and this collection symbolizes the precision, the simplicity, the strength, the energy that country inspires to the designer. 

The distinctive eye in the center of the designs represents the NOW. Rays rising up for new beginnings every day connecting us to the possibilities of the future nourished by the truth of our roots. 

The names given to each piece is an ode to the most beautiful sunrise and sunset moments. 

“ I have always been fascinated how Japanese people are so incredibly technologically and creatively advanced and at the same time so deeply respectful of the ancestral culture and of their elders. The two concepts are not in conflict in japan, they nourish each other, which is rare on our side of the world.“

Joias Modelo Fanny 01916.jpg


Joias Modelo Fanny 01757.jpg


Joias Modelo Fanny 01862.jpg


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